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Our Founder, Carl, can help you in a variety of ways:

If you’re in the Incubator Program, he’ll help you:

  • Get and stay on the right track with your business idea so you can validate or invalidate it and build a proper foundation for your future company to grow on
  • Identify problems or challenges before they arise, so you can plan ahead for them
  • By providing advice that’s tailored to your specific situation, because everyone’s situations are different
  • Stay accountable
  • Planning out your course
  • Checking your work and providing advice on what you’re doing

If you’re in the Accelerator Program, he’ll help you:

  • Stay focused on your development and growth as you move through the accelerator program lessons
  • Spot potential pitfalls or challenges so you’ll be prepared to tackle them
  • By providing advice that’s tailored to your specific situation, because everyone’s situations are different
  • Stay accountable
  • Planning out your course
  • Checking your work and providing advice on what you’re doing

Find out what’s missing or what you can do to improve in nearly any aspect of your startup. Carl will be mentoring you and helping you get past your business and life obstacles and help to set you up for success in the short and long-term.

About Your Next Startup Mentor, Carl PotakCarl Potak Headshot - Rectangle - StartupDevKit - TechDay 2019

Based in New York

  • Carl knows the ins and outs of startup development and will give you actionable feedback and advice on what you can do to take your startup to each successive next level. He’s been building, growing, and consulting for startups since 2007. He understands and practices both the technical and business-sides of startups.
  • He’s got experience in startup mentoring, building startups, marketing, analytics, product development and management, conversion rate optimization, SEO, operations, writing, consulting, recruiting, web development, design, systems administration, and website security. He’s truly a jack of all trades.
  • He earned an Inbound Marketing certification by HubSpot Academy and a Google Analytics certification by Google Academy. However, his skills run much deeper than just these two certifications.
  • Carl is the soon to be author of Startup Survival Secrets. His book is about the top 20 reasons why startups fail, their root causes, what you can do to prevent them, and what you can do instead. The book’s manuscript is nearly complete.


tom mclaughlin, founder and ceo of, a blockchain startup“StartupDevKit has been indispensable for my startup with the wealth of different resources, the mentoring, and feedback I’ve received from its Founder, Carl. I would implore any startup founder to tap into his knowledge, the vast startup resources this platform has to offer, and will continue to bring.” — Thomas McLaughlin, Jr. Co-Founder and CEO, Blockstake
Reza Salatini - Founder and CEO of MyCleverCalories“I’ve been in the market to find a startup incubator that’s convenient to join and has very effective solutions from development to marketing. StartupDevKit has helped me to get on the right track, stay focused on my business, and avoid mistakes I would have made on my own. The platform is easy to use and there’s so much quality content in the blog and incubator platform – it’s really great. I’m happy I decided to work with Carl at StartupDevKit.” — Reza Salatini, Founder and CEO, Clever Calories
“As gaming development studio that started in mid-2018, it was hard finding people who believed in us and our vision. We stumbled upon StartupDevKit and Carl after looking around for startup mentoring platforms. Carl told us upfront he wasn’t overly familiar with the VR industry, but said he could still provide us with meaningful support and expert knowledge. Within 3 months we were happy to say he was right. Not only has he given us great advice but he’s also helped to keep the team motivated and focused. Fast forward to 2022 where we have continued to get mentoring from Carl ever since then. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Carl and watching StartupDevKit help you too.”  – The Team at DVNC, DVNC Tech, LLC

How to Get Started with Mentoring from our Founder


    1. Complete the checkout for the free assessment call.
    2. Fill out our mentoring survey provided after checkout. It will give us background information and insight into your startup so we can hit the ground running.
    3. After checkout, you can book your complimentary mentoring appointment with Carl via his calendar link that he provides.
    4. Get approved for mentoring by Carl by the end of the session.
    5. Sign up for an Incubator or Accelerator membership subscription.
    6. Then sign up for a bi-weekly or weekly mentoring plan and Carl will approve it.
    7. Bingo! You’re in. Book your next session(s) via the calendar link he provides.

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