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You're signing up for the bi-weekly mentoring package with StartupDevKit's Founder and CEO, Carl Potak. The subscription is recurring until it's cancelled. Your growth is of the utmost importance to you and to us. Your situation will be assessed initially and you will be given advice with the next actionable steps to take during each call so both you and your startup can meet your goals and graduate through the accelerator program. Sometimes sessions will go over an hour, but you will not be charged for any overages. However, do let us know if you have a strict time limit.

$50 every two weeks

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Terms of Use

StartupDevKit, Inc.

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By using this website the user accepts and acknowledges to abide by the rules and regulations when using the service or product.

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Breakdown of Services:

Startup Incubator Platform - The information in this product is meant to help startups invalidate or validate their idea, give them information on how to build their product or service, give them helpful templates, and provide information on early user acquisition.

Startup Accelerator Platform - The information in this product is meant to help startups accelerate their growth, mainly through marketing and public relations. However, there is information on business development practices, resources, contact lists, templates, and additional materials.

Startup Survival Secrets - This is an eBook that breaks down the top 20 reasons why startups fail, according to CB Insights, and provides root causes to each of the top 20 reasons. They are then explained and more information is given to help the reader understand how to avoid the root cause and suggests what one should do instead.

Mentoring and Consultations - These are consultative services rendered by employees and/or independent contractors with different fields of expertise who are equipped to help startups.

Subscriptions - Subscriptions to our email list are at-will and individuals who are on the list have signed up either specifically for the email list, as part of a promotion that requires an email subscription to receive the promotion, or from signing up for our membership platform.


No Representations – StartupDevKit makes no representations about appropriateness or availability of the website in other countries other than the United States of America.

Purchases are made either through PayPal Standard or credit/debit card via Stripe through StartupDevKit’s secure payment gateway.  

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Members are eligible to receive a refund within 30 days of the activation of such membership. After that time frame is passed, no membership refunds will be processed.

If a plan is canceled, then this means it will not be renewed for the next billing cycle.  The member will still receive benefits of the plan until its end-date.


Upon registration, the user promises that all the information provided at registration is accurate and will be updated if necessary.


Any user-submitted questions, ideas, or information regarding the rendering of services for any individual via comments on pages, through the Facebook group (, or via email can be used by StartupDevKit for any purposes they want, except for malicious or hateful attacks in any form.

Prohibited Activities

A user is prohibited to sell, reproduce, or copy any of the information obtained on for financial gain. 

In addition, users are forbidden to use the content from to be re-transmitted on anyone's website without consent from Carl Potak, the CEO and Founder.

Users are strictly forbidden from sharing their membership account with other individuals outside of their team and memberships are only for the team's use.


The strategies, tactics, and information provided by StartupDevKit are not guaranteed to work for a user's business, organization, or startup.  

Explanation:  Every business is different. Every audience is different. Everyone words their marketing materials and wording differently and designs them differently. Because of the volatility of these factors, liability is placed on the user for their own actions and use of the information provided by StartupDevKit. StartupDevKit assumes no liability or responsibility for whether or not any information or advice from consultation and mentoring works for any given user.

Additional Information

All content on the website and trademarks, service marks and logos are owned and licensed by StartupDevKit, Inc are provided “as is” and may not be re-used by a 3rd party without the consent of StartupDevKit.

Third Party Websites – StartupDevKit is not responsible for any third party websites that it may link to.

Site Management – StartupDevKit may monitor, change, and remove content from the website at will, except for the following condition: Any materials that are part of a purchased plan can be updated but not removed. Any changes in content are meant in the best interests of the user.

"Updates" are changes to the content to enhance its readability and/or efficiency for the user, as well as additional information that can be added to the existing content.

User Data – StartupDevKit may retain certain personal data provided on the website, however, that data will never be sold to any outside party. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for all of the policies and information regarding user data and the protection of it.

StartupDevKit does its best to avoid any copyright infringement. However, if you notice or believe any copyright infringement on another website with StartupDevKit's content or notice copyright infringement on StartupDevKit, please contact info at StartupDevKit dot com with the link and section you see the infringement taking place and investigations will be made regarding the claim. If it's concluded that information on StartupDevKit is in violation of copyright laws, then it will be taken down.

Modifications – StartupDevKit reserves the right to make modifications to this document, however, members will be notified if and when that does occur.

Disputes – The New York State court system will be the governing body of law for disputes.

Contact Info – info at StartupDevKit dot com

Company Address: StartupDevKit, Inc - 17 Donald Street, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 USA