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Our Ethos

We believe every startup deserves the same opportunity to access the educational and community components of traditional accelerators to thrive in this tough world of startups.

You want to make a positive impact in the world with your startup. We do too. However, 90% of startups fail.

Your startup deserves the best shot at becoming a profitable and sustainable company.

We here to help you get there. 👊

Our goal is to enable and empower you build the startup of your dreams, make the impact you want in the world, and achieve new heights professionally. And hopefully, become the next unicorn. 🤞

Through the democratization of our online incubator and accelerator programs, your startup has the opportunity to sign up and take advantage so that you can make the most of your journey.

Trusted by Business Insider and Founder Institute

Recognized by Business Insider as one of the best online incubators and accelerators to grow a new startup.

Ranked third by Founder Institute for online startup programs.

Highlights on How it Works

☑️  Startups Don’t Have To Apply To Get In

☑️  There Are No Cohorts — Join at Any Time!

☑️  It’s Completely Virtual. Learn and Grow on Your Own Schedule!

☑️  Join Through a Simple and Affordable Membership Subscription

☑️  We Don’t Take Equity or Provide Investment

☑️  Save Your Equity for Fundraising. Our Course Will Help You Learn How to Fundraise Like a Pro

☑️  Perfect for First Time Founders and Teams Seeking Educational Content on Tactics, Strategies, Operations, Step-by-Step Processes, Tools, Templates, Lists, and more.

The Problem Most Startups Face With Other Accelerators

Have you ever tried to get into a startup accelerator? 

The process is very competitive and time consuming. 

Approximately 90% of startups who apply to accelerators don’t get accepted into them, either.

Getting into Ivy League schools is easier!

To add to that, the cards are stacked against most startups because 90% of startups fail. 

If you’re a first-time founder, an accelerator program would be the most helpful, but you have a monumental task ahead of you, and it will be extremely hard to get accepted into a good program.

Even Y-Combinator’s Startup School is competitive and only somewhat educational.

The Solution

We’re Providing an Equal Opportunity for All Startups to Learn and Grow

The only way we could have the type of reach to empower the startup community at-large is by democratizing access to our programs via membership subscriptions.

All you need is a startup idea to start the Incubator program or a thoroughly validated idea to join the Accelerator program — and you’re good to get started!

Get ready to turn your vision into a reality!

Start the first two weeks of either program risk-free through a free trial membership.

What's the Accelerator Program Like?

There are 45 lessons and they are split up by weeks and months. 

Each month has themes, but there are some lessons that are independent from the themes.

If you need more time to complete each week’s lessons, it’s all good — you can take as much as you need!

If you need help, you can post questions on the lessons themselves, or reach out to us via Slack, email, or on our forum!

Month 1 Focuses

Establishing a Strong Foundation for Startups + Getting Set Up for Growth

Month 2 Focuses

Product / Service Development + Growth Marketing

Month 3 Focuses

Launching + Marketing + Preparing for Fundraising Venture Capital

Some of the Types of Resources You Can Find in our World-Class Resource Library

Time-Saving Lists

From VC firm lists to tools lists, checklists to PR contact lists, and everything in between.


Make your life easier and get financial, fundraising, marketing, organizational, operational, and strategic templates.

Guides, Case Studies, Articles, and E-Books

Step up your game by learning strategy, tactics, and  advice from the best in the startup industry.

Educational Videos

Learn from impactful videos curated from top VC firms, accelerators, conferences, and fellow industry experts.

There Are No Cohorts to Limit You, So Start and Finish the Program on Your Own Schedule!

Every person and every startup is different. Everyone’s at different points in their startup lifecycle.

We don’t have cohorts because you’re building your startup on your own schedule and you’re moving at your own pace.

Start our Accelerator Program when it’s convenient for you. 

Plus, you can take as long as or as little as you need to take to complete it.

Not everyone can quit their jobs to build their startup.

We get it. That’s why we’re the pioneers of this no-cohort model.

So no need to stress about rescheduling just to make seminars, workshops, and meetings!


We Don't Take Any Equity, So Save it to Put Towards a Round of Fundraising!

We don’t take equity from startups since we’re not investing in startups. This is what allows us to offer the program to the world. We save you equity so you can use it elsewhere.

Our Program Helps Prepare You to Fundraise

Our program helps you helps to prepare your startup become ready to raise venture capital and puts you in the best position to attract investment from the best investors. 

We teach you all about fundraising, the best practices of the fundraising process, where to find investors, how to approach them, and more.

Idea Not Validated Yet?
Try Our Incubator Program!

42% of Startups Fail Because they Build a Product with No Market Need. Don’t Let that Be You!

If you have a startup idea, then you should validate it through our Incubator Program.

Use our startup idea validation course and resource library during your free trial or Incubator membership to help you develop the idea and test it out. This way, you’ll really see if it’s worth pursuing.

You can start for free with our 14-day free trial membership.

Then you can continue after the free trial for a small monthly fee and switch to the accelerator program when you’re ready — pro-rated, of course!

Start ideating and validating your startup idea today.

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